Base Range: Strap Top & High Waisted Bell Pants

Size: XS, XS / Material: Bamboo / Purchasable from: Base Range

Ever since trying Base Range for the first time last summer, I've been wanting to get my hands on a new set as they are my #1 go to brand for comfortable, no hassle, lingerie. Base Range prides themselves on their use of sustainable, and sometimes organic, materials and has a whole section on their website dedicated to the sourcing and making of their products. So, part of why I love this label so much is their openness to consumers in letting us know exactly where our underwear comes from. Asides from ethical sourcing and comfort, their standard sizing in an XS fits me perfectly, which comes as a surprise – being a small and shallow busted girl, finding the perfect soft cup bra can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. The strap top fits snug around my bust (31.5") and underbust (27"), just how I like it, giving a really nice lift and rounded shape that I find acceptable to wear under close-fitting tops. Unlike some other soft cup bras, the shoulder straps are also fully adjustable meaning that it's suitable for a range of sizes. Lastly, with regards to the knickers, I often find that high waisted pieces are usually too loose for my 23" waist (most standard sizing starts at 24"/25" waist measurement), but these high waisted bell pants fits perfectly both around my waist, hips, and bum. I wore these two pieces for my 13hrs flight home from London and it felt like second skin, so I honestly don't have any complaints or dissatisfaction. To me, this set also feels like the perfect loungewear / pjs, so once again this confirms that I need more Base Range in my life.

Rating: 10/10

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