Layering & Styling: A Lesson in Sheers

Wanda Suspender Tank (limited edition blue mesh) – Hopeless Lingerie
Lucy Bralette – Hopeless Lingerie
Karen Knickers – Hopeless Lingerie
Contrast Backseam Stockings 1926 – Leg Avenue


A while ago I asked my followers on Instagram if they would be interested to see a new series on my blog on how I style and layer my lingerie. I received a great amount of positive feedback, and someone noted it would be interesting to see my 'philosophy' behind my layering choices, which I will hopefully try and convey here today. Though, I am by no means claiming to be a professional stylist – any opinion or advice given is merely down to my personal taste, which you are more than welcome to follow and take inspiration from (or not).

As someone who's a bit obsessive about matching lingerie, layering different pieces – either in terms of different brands or material – can be kind of meh for me. So thankfully, Hopeless pieces always look great together and can be easily mixed and matched. However, I do try to match my lingerie in the same material and an all mesh look is a good starting point. Truth be told though, I don't really have any set principles behind lingerie layering and styling. More often than not I usually just feel randomly inspired to throw on certain pieces and have an idea of how it might look. Unsurprisingly, the way you envision something doesn't necessarily turn out as nicely in reality as it does in your head re: the top photo. I first tried layering Wanda above Lucy and Karen but felt pretty anti-climatic when I saw the final look. The whole thing seemed messy to me with the black, blue and blue over black mesh. However as I had such a good feeling about this set in my head, I wasn't ready to give up on it; I took everything off and re-layered it the other way around. This time with Wanda under Lucy and Karen, the whole thing looked so much neater and just right. Under the black mesh, the blue mesh is less noticeable and blends in more with my skin-tone, hence highlighting the black contrast seams to give a geometric and minimal appearance. I also feel that layering opaque, or less sheer, over sheer materials gives a more striking and bold look. My main take home message is that you should really try and experiment with the lingerie you have – throwing on a bunch of mesh pieces is always a good starting point and if something doesn't look as good as you think it could the first time round, just try again until you're completely satisfied.

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