Agent Provocateur: Zatanna

Size: 32B, AP 2, AP 2 / Material: Satin / Purchasable from: eBay

Sorry again for the absence in May, I had my final undergraduate exams and simply did not have time to post reviews. Now that I'm done with my degree, hopefully I'll be back to posting contents more regularly (2–3 times a month)!


Zatanna is your standard little black lingerie set, set apart by gold eyelets and satin lacing, with a jacquard floral print when viewed in detail. The bra is lightly padded in a plunge style, which gives a little lift and rounds the shape of my breasts, but other than that it doesn't really do any wonders nor can it be substituted as a t-shirt bra (which lets be honest, you sometimes really need). I purchased this in my usual size, a 32B, and is pretty much true to size by Agent Provocateur standards. However I figured that I could have probably sized up to a 32C for a better shape. I should also note that due to the material, there is little stretch in the shoulder straps – though this is something I don't like personally, it wasn't such a big problem, nor did it contribute to the overall fit of the bra. Whilst the bra fitted me fine, the suspenders and briefs were both much too loose. Looking at AP's size chart, size 2 is indeed 2" larger than my own waist and hip measurements, however this was the smallest size offered for Zatanna. Because of this, the suspenders sit just slightly above my hips (I prefer them to sit on my waist) and is tugged down even more when attached to stockings, and the briefs scrunch up a lot at the back as I don't have enough width/booty to stretch it out. Despite all these fit issues, my verdict on this set has always been a positive one; I saw it to be a basic go-to set for when I wanted something a little more special than a regular black padded bra and cotton knickers. However upon much thought and consideration, I've decided to find Zatanna a new, much more deserving, home, as  I want to curate my lingerie collection with pieces that I feel 100% on board with.

Rating: 7/10

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