Hopeless Lingerie: Rosemary Bralette & Brenda Knickers

Size: XXS, XS / Material: Merino jersey / Purchasable from: Hopeless Lingerie

For Christmas last year, my boyfriend gifted me with the lovely Brenda knickers in XS, which is in a colourway that I would never pick out myself but I now adore dearly. Though the sides are fully adjustable, I have to wear them on the tightest strap and they are still slightly loose. This is entirely my fault as what I had previously referred to as my hip measurement was in fact my bum, measuring at 34", but Hopeless Lingerie's hip measurements refer to the hips (hip bone area) exactly, which puts me at a XXS for a 32" hip. Thankfully they aren't so loose to the point that they're unwearable and it's nice that the elastic edging doesn't cut in so there are no unfortunate quadrabutts. And because wearing un-matching lingerie is almost blasphemous for me, I picked up the Rosemary bralette in my usual XXS immediately with the 30% voucher code offered by Hopeless for the delayed orders placed around the end of last year. As the cut is much like the Delphine bralette, Rosemary fits similar in terms of its shape and I wasn't surprised at all that it did little to no job in rounding my bust. I also found that regardless of how much I tightened the back straps, they didn't really help in making the cups fit more firmly. Further, because of my shallow shape, there is little boob mass in preventing the bottom of the cups to ride up when I tighten the neck straps. Perhaps a silicone lining under the elastic edging, like on the Helmut Lang asymmetrical bralette or hold-up stockings, would be helpful in preventing this. Despite some of my fit issues that is entirely down to my own anatomy, rather than Hopeless's construction, the merino jersey on Rosemary and Brenda is extremely soft, making it one of my top go-to lingerie sets for lazy days lounging around.

Rating: 7/10

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