Agent Provocateur: Liza

Size: 32B, AP 1 / Material: Stretch silk crepe / Purchasable from: Agent Provocateur

For months I had been pestering my boyfriend about wanting a graduation present from Agent Provocateur. So when the summer sale finally rolled round I sent him my wish-list and a few days later, Liza was in my grubby little hands. The first thing I noticed was that the inside of the cups were slightly padded, resembling a quarter cup bra, which was something I was completely unaware of despite previously trying Liza on in London. While this is meant to "pull the bust inwards and upwards", due my shallow shape, the sides of my breast becomes very compressed and flat as all my breast tissue is pushed towards the centre of my bust to create a rather remarkable cleavage. In other words, I can't achieve my preferred rounded shape with Liza, as I can with other better fitting bras. Another thing is that the dart on the cups bulge out quite noticeably and do not seem to lie flat against my bust, which becomes a problem if I want to wear tops that are close-fitting or made from thin fabrics. Though, I'm not sure if this is a unique construction fault with my bra, as I don't recall this happening with the bra I previously tried on. Either way, loosening the shoulder straps and wearing the bra on the outermost hook seems to resolve these fit issues slightly, and actually looks okay under most tops. Generally speaking, I find that Liza's band also fits small to size, as the fabric isn't as stretchy, and is actually quite snug fitting for my 27" underbust. As for the knickers, my boyfriend picked these up in a size 1 as noted on my wish-list. I had actually contacted my AP Glasgow girls as I wasn't sure whether I was a size 1 or 2 in Liza. They kindly suggested that the size 1 briefs should fit, as it apparently fits large to size. However, I feel like this wasn't the case as Liza is actually very snug on me (unlike my AP Sandra which are way too loose even in a size 1), and gives a bit of quadrabutt. Therefore I've decided to pick up the Liza briefs in a size 2 in the December sale, which will hopefully provide more bum coverage whilst not being too big and scrunching up at the back. All in all I do absolutely adore Liza as it was gifted to me from my favourite human in the whole wide world, and this set grows on me each day upon finding more ways to wear it. I'm also looking forward to picking up the suspender in the next sale where it will hopefully be restocked!

Rating: 8.5/10

P.S. Thank you to the gorgeous Tifan for retouching the background of the photo!

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