Agent Provocateur: Bubbles

Size: AP 2 / Material: Fishnet Lace / Purchasable from: eBay

The Agent Provocateur Bubbles range is from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and by the time I had discovered this design it was already long out of stock on their website. Thanks to eBay, I managed to pick this up and there are still a few pieces left from various sellers. However the matching bra and suspenders are near impossible to find (trust me I've kept my eyes peeled in the last two years), so it's a good thing that these briefs match well with most black bras. The Bubbles brief is made from an unlined fishnet 'lace', which is soft with a little bit of stretch, and the elastic seams feel silky smooth. They were also heavier than I expected due to the weight of the two gold rings, and it's actually quite nice to see that they were made with higher quality hardware. I purchased these in an AP 2, without knowing that it also came in a 1, and they fit almost perfectly. With my hips and bum measuring at 32" and 34" respectively, the elastic does not cut into my bum at all, and the fishnet stretches out nicely without any sag. However the two waist straps are ever so slightly loose, which comes as no surprise as my waist measurement is usually an inch or two smaller than the smallest size on size charts. Thankfully they only slide down to sit a little lower on my waist, due to the weight of the O-rings, and isn't too baggy so this isn't a major fit issue. The only dissatisfaction I have with these knickers is that the gusset does not start higher up, meaning that they give absolutely no coverage at all to your lady bits. This means that your trousers or legwear might rub from time to time, making them a bit sensitive. Overall the Bubbles brief is as much a boudoir piece as it is an everyday knicker, and is a purchase that I have not regretted.

Rating: 9/10

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