La Pera: El Color Rojo Balconette Bra

Size: 32B / Material: Tulle & Leavers lace / Purchasable from: La Perla

Apologies for the brief and unintended hiatus; March was a busy month trying to complete my last summative essay and dissertation followed by a well-deserved break travelling around Ireland and Scotland. But I'm back again now and will be posting more regularly.


Aesthetically, La Perla's El Color Rojo balconette bra is my take for the classic black lace bra that every women should have in her lingerie collection. Usually I find that padded / moulded balconette cups are too deep and are therefore guaranteed to not work for me, as my shallow bust is unable to fill out the cups. However with underwired balconette shapes, this doesn't seem to be as big of an issue. The lace cups are also non-stretchy, so while my shallow bust manages to fill out the cup nicely, evident from the photo, the lace does little in shaping my bust. Therefore I end up with a more projected and pointy shape than my usually preferred roundness. The biggest, biggest, problem I have with this bra though are the pressure points from the underwire and straps. I don't know why but for some reason not long after wear, the underwires, especially the centre-front gore start pressing way too tightly into my chest, leaving achy red marks, regardless of how tightly fastened the band is. Mind you, my underbust measurement is 27" and this is a 32" band, stretching up to almost 33". Because of how thin the silk straps are, this also puts a lot of pressure on my shoulder. Of course I could loosen the straps, which I already have done, but this also means that the cups no longer sit as nicely against my bust as there is less lifting and support. Overall, while this La Perla bra is certainly beautiful and I adore the lace distribution, it is a literal pain to wear. And as I have little knowledge with regards to bra-physics, I don't know what to do to make the bra more comfortable so it sits in my collection, occasionally being worn on shorter days.

Rating: 5/10

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