Agent Provocateur: Whitney

Size: AP 2 / Material: Hand woven elastic / Purchasable from: Agent Provocateur

Whitney was my first ever Agent Provocateur set and my introduction into the world of luxury lingerie. I don't think I need much justification as to why I bought it – it's such an iconic and staple piece for any lingerie enthusiast and is instantly recognisable, much like Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian, Rick Owens's Geobaskets, etc., to those within the niche. 

Back in 2013 when I purchased Whitney, I didn't realise the cups were quarter cups and prior to this, I had little lingerie experience and how different cups would fit my shallow bust. When I finally received it in the post, I had a minor freak out and was certain that there was no way my itty bitties were going to fit. But boy I was wrong. Like most APs, the band runs small and on the last hook it fits snug around my 27" underbust. I feel like this contributes a large part to how well my breasts fill out the cups, as a result of lots of bending forward scooping action (if ya know what I mean). The quarter cups, I feel, are also much deeper than any other of the quarter cups bras I've tried on, which had previously either made me look ridiculously pointy (AP Stone), weirdly shaped/smushed (AP Lacy), or completely flat (AP Margot). So thankfully, Whitney's quarter cups offer just the right amount of lift and along with the perfect tightness of the elastic strap going across my nipples, the bra gives a nice rounded shape while making me look like I still have some amount of boobage. I do however have to run off to the bathroom every now and then to adjust the bra and scoop my breast tissue back in, or to readjust the elastic strap to make sure my nipples aren't falling out. Unfortunately with time and wear I feel as though Whitney is slowly losing its elasticity and tightness, but luckily not significantly so. 

The matching 'big briefs', which were previously just 'briefs' prior to the new briefs introduced in 2014, fit horrendously. Since they only came in a size 2 the straps fit quite loose around my hips. Because of the structure, the elastic straps on the briefs are also much more rigid than its bra counterpart. As a result, they don't tend to lie flat across my skin and some parts bulge out weird. Further, the underwear lining is also sewed on in such a way that only the ends of the fabric are attached, meaning that if they're pulled aside the Whitney briefs becomes an ouvert of some sort. This honestly fits so uncomfortably and gives me the absolute worst wedgies I have ever experienced. It's such a shame because I wanted to wear this set more practically since I paid almost £200 for it. It is for this reason, I suspect, that they introduced the new Whitney briefs, which I will probably end up buying as a replacement for the big briefs despite liking the design of this one more. Hopefully after I manage to covet the new briefs, I'll be able to wear this as a set much more often, and comfortably so. 

Regardless, this is still probably my favourite set despite some of its setbacks and I do love the overall aesthetics – it makes me feel like a dominatrix ice queen, which is so unlike my actual persona.

Rating: 10/10

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