Hopeless Lingerie: Wanda Garter Tank & Abbie Harness

Size: XXS / Material: Mesh / Purchasable from: Hopeless Lingerie

Last December I was contacted by Hopeless to be featured as their first ever customer of the month. In return, I was gifted with a lovely $50 voucher that could be used on anything in the shop. A few weeks later All of Them Witches was released and the moment I laid eyes on the Wanda garter tank in blue mesh, I knew it had to be mine. My Wanda, the only ever XXS to be made, is one of the seven limited edition pieces in the prettiest shade of blue I have ever seen. After my patient 8 week wait, I finally received this in the post today and was completely surprised to find that Gaby also sent me a little something else – the Abbie harness. But first, let's talk about Wanda. Wanda is made with a pale greyish-blue mesh and has little stretch to it, unlike the black mesh Hopeless items. Fit wise, it's perfect. Not a single part of this garment rides or scrunches up; it's not too tight and not too loose, fitting snugly against my skin just how I like it. Wanda is also snug enough that it gives my breast a nice rounded shape without flattening too much. Although not clearly visible in this photo, when attached to stockings, the garment pulls down slightly and my nipples rest a centimetre or two from the black trims – this is not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. Tightening the back straps also 'fixes' this a little. I initially suspected that this was due to my long torso, however looking back at the product page it seems as though this is how Wanda is meant to fit, but obviously this is also dependent on your body type. The garters also hold up my stockings fine and it's nice to see that they're made with metal, instead of plastic, clips. As for the Abbie harness, I was (too) kindly sent an XS and originally thought it might be too loose (XS fits a 29" underbust and 25" waist, I measure 27" and 23" respectively) but I was terribly wrong as it is fully adjustable on both the neck and waist straps. The only downside I have with this piece is that the centre strap scrunches up when I sit down, but since I'm planning on wearing this under tops I suspect it won't be much of a problem. I can't even begin to express my gratitude (maybe I should just downright creepily confess my love) and how truly wonderful Gaby is, thank you so so so much.

Rating: 10/10

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