Reckless Wolf: Prey White High Waisted Knickers

Size: XS / Material: Mesh / Purchasable from: Reckless Wolf

Reckless Wolf has been one my favourites ever since I found out about them, but I never took the plunge in buying anything as I'm always slightly hesitant trying out new brands or was short on money when I did want to purchase something. Last November, on my boyfriend and my two year anniversary, he surprised me with something in the post – this pair of Reckless Wolf Prey white high waisted knickers. He ordered this in a size XS, after consulting the size chart, which should fit a 33"-35" hip measurement (mine are between 34"-35"). Prior to receiving this lovely gift, I had some concerns regarding the fit: i. would my butt crack show and look stupid, and ii. would my butt cheeks poke out from the cut outs and look stupid? It turns out that while none of my initial concerns was  completely true, I did have some fit issues with the bottom strap around my upper thighs, at the base of my butt cheeks. Although not noticeable in the above picture, when I stand up straight (so my legs aren't posed at an angle like they are in the picture), these knickers give me the worst quadrabutt ever in the history of quadrabutts. The reason for this, I suspect, is because my bum isn't as distinguishable from my thighs like how Kim Kardashian's is, rather they seem to gradually merge into my thighs? The material covering my butt crack, as well as the two shorter straps next to it (the ones that form a triangle), also tends to scrunch up after time as well, suggesting that perhaps my butt isn't as wide as need be to stretch out the fabrics. On a whole, I don't think that the knickers are too tight since they otherwise fit perfectly around my waist and upper hip area, and would most definitely scrunch up even more if sized up. Although they're not a perfect fit, I do love them to bits and of course, they also hold a sentimental value to me – thank you, B.

Rating: 8/10

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