Agent Provocateur: Sandra

Size: 32B, AP 1 / Material: French Leavers lace & fishnet / Purchasable from: Agent Provocateur

I was pretty set on abstaining from the Agent Provocateur winter sale this time round, but after seeing Sandra appear on a number of Instagram posts, I regretted not picking it up as it had long sold out in my size. Luckily (or maybe not, since I'm skint as frick atm), I happened to be in London this week, and of course, found myself wandering into Agent Provocateur on Broadwick Street. Though it was never my intention to purchase anything, I decided to rummage through the sale bins – a distressing experience to say the least, seeing so many beautiful lingerie in a haphazard mess, with AP SoirĂ©e scrunched up and dumped into the bins. Somehow, I managed to fish out Sandra in a 32B and the lovely sales associate found the last matching pair of French knickers for me in a size 1. I was surprised to find that the plunge underwire bra fit me relatively well, as this was not the case for AP Phoenix. The material of the cups have little stretch and my breast tissue is nicely encased within the cups, giving a nice small rounded shape from the side. One downside however, is that the barbells on my nipple piercing keeps poking out through the fishnet, and I'm terrified of it being caught. So perhaps this is something to keep in mind if your nipples are pierced. Like most AP bras, the band also runs small and I find that this is even more apparent for Sandra. In addition, the elastic strapping also contributes to the overall snugness of the bra, and thankfully fits me just right. But I should note that they are unadjustable for some moronic reason, so perhaps it doesn't accommodate all sizes as well as it could. On the other hand, the French knickers definitely run large to size as the size 1 knickers are still relatively loose, both around my lower waist and hips, as the elastic strapping doesn't stay put and constantly slides down. The cotton gusset is also quite narrow, which gives me wedgies at times, though it isn't completely unbearable. Although the fit of Sandra isn't perfect, I love the design and how it looks on me, so this is a set I'm keeping in my collection 5ever.

Rating: 9/10

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