Agent Provocateur: Jena

Size: 32B, AP 2, AP 2 / Material: Satin / Purchasable from: eBay

First post of 2015! Apologies for the over-edited photo – the lighting in my room is absolutely appalling and I don't have a decent background for full-body shots.


In hindsight, purchasing Jena from Agent Provocateur in Selfridges London last spring, was probably a stupid idea. I bought this with full knowledge that the bra in fact did not fit me well, as the shape of the cups were oddly flat, with not much depth, and protruded slightly at the neck, which meant that it didn't follow the natural slope of my breasts. But because I was a silly spendthrift girl back then, I convinced myself that I needed this set (and further completing it with the suspender belt in the AP summer sale) and the issue of the cup could be fixed with slight alterations. After pinning back the cups the protrusion did decrease slightly, though not entirely. From the side, the shape of my breasts appear to be relatively flat at the base, then pointy at the top – so, not a nice rounded shape at all. I think this is partly due to the flat shape of the cups themselves, and that my shallow breasts don't do a great job at shaping the cup, which is odd since the purpose of a bra is meant to do the exact opposite. I should also mention that there is little elasticity / stretch for both the bra and suspenders, so the bra strap and band all fit relatively snug. On the plus side, Jena does give an amazing cleavage and will make your boobies look A+++ squishy from the front.

As for the suspenders, they do fit nicely around my waist on the tightest hooks (there are two sets, which can be fastened from the front or back). However, once attached to stockings, it does get pulled down quite a bit, which I personally do not like at all. And oh god... the knickers, which are actually ouverts, can come undone completely, into two, as the hook and eye closures runs through the entire garment. This means that if you're a student who can't justify only wearing this in the boudoir, and try to wear this as an everyday set, these cheeky knickers are going to come undone during the day, and unexpectedly nip you multiple times. And let's just say that getting your lady bits nipped by hook and eye closures are not pleasant to say the least. So while Jena is incredibly beautiful, in the most deviant red possible, it's honestly not practical for the price I paid and I think I'll have to let it go to make room for nicer, better fitting, lingerie, as this gets little to no wear now.

Rating: 4/10

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