Hopeless Lingerie: Kelly Knickers

Size: XXS / Material: Bamboo jersey / Purchasable from: Hopeless Lingerie

My first purchase from Hopeless Lingerie consisted of these three items: Delphine bralette, Phoebe knickers and Selene harness knickers. Unfortunately, there was a small sewing defect on my Selene harness knickers so I contacted Gaby who kindly offered either a replacement piece or store credit to purchase another item, so this is how I ended up with my Kelly and Karen knickers. Never would I ever have thought that these would be the knickers I'd select out out of the other Hopeless items. I remember being a little girl, hating high waisted grandma panties, thinking bell-bottom jeans were awesome and that 70's/80's high cut underwear was ridiculous. Obviously everything about that statement is untrue now, my tastes have drastically changed as I've gotten older – I love high waisted panties, bell-bottoms are ridiculous, and high cut knickers are sexy as fuck. I ordered these in an XXS following Gaby's advice, as these cut high around the hips, she ensured that I wouldn't have the same fit issue as I had with my Phoebe knickers. The Kelly knickers are made with super soft bamboo jersey, which are even softer than my Phoebe knickers (how??!?!), and they are literally the comfiest underwear I own, material wise. One of my favourite things about is is the elasticated waist band. I'm not really sure why this appeals to me but they remind me of my Base Range boyshorts, or just boxer briefs in general, which I find really comfortable. The only downsides I have with this piece is that overtime it gives me pretty bad wedgies, as the hip area is relatively loose-fitting, and that my hip bones don't jut out enough – which are basically 'problems' as a result of my own anatomy, and not of the construction. Regardless, these are still worn more than regularly, and are my go-to knickers if I want something basic and simple, but funky at the same time.

Rating: 8/10

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