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Angela Friedman is a designer I've known about for a while now, she was perhaps one of the first independent / handmade designers I knew of, however her pieces had never quite appealed to my taste. I'm not trying to sound like a snob here but a lot of the times I feel like I've seen it all – all the possible lingerie designs that could possibly be made, the same lace detailing on push up cups, basic lace underwired cups, overused strappy designs, i.e. every possible knock-off of Agent Provocateur's Alina, etc. So for me personally, it's always exciting when I discover new labels that consistently come up with new designs that are completely novel and unprecedented, so much so that they create their own image and identity, distinguishable from anyone else. Think Hopeless Lingerie, Agent Provocateur and Reckless Wolf; these are the labels that never ceases to wow me season after season. La Perla on the other hand, although probably my second favourite designer label, was not one that I was immediately drawn to. Rather, it was something that slowly grew onto me as my taste in lingerie became more refined, more feminine, and in a way, more mature. Now, the sight of delicate Leavers and  Chantilly lace, smooth silk satin, and an attention to fine detail makes me weak in the knees and genuinely cry out for why I'm unable to afford a £300 bra. Seriously, my eyes were welling up when La Perla's Freesia, Floral Mesh, Tea Rose and Zigzag Soutache were released online.

But I digress. How I felt, and now feel, about La Perla is how I feel about Angela Friedman now. I've recently become more and more enamoured with independent handmade lingerie, and combining the delicacy of Angela Friedman... I am honestly lost for words. Below are my favourite pieces from her current collection. I desperately wish I could own all of them.

( From L to R / Desaturated images from Angela Friedman ) 
Top: Dentelle slip, Margot bralette and waspie, Dentelle camisole and tap pants
Bottom: Lavinia waspie, Clair de Lune gown, Lavinia corset

I mean, are you trying to kill me? I need that entire Margot set in white and beige lace in my life right now. If it weren't for ridiculously overpriced import VAT on top of the actual lingerie costs, damn. These are all purchasable at Angela Friedman.

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