Hopeless Lingerie: Karen Knickers

Size: XS / Material: Mesh / Purchasable from: Hopeless Lingerie

This will be my last Hopeless Lingerie review since this is the last piece I own in my collection... for now. The Karen knickers was one of the first pieces I desperately wanted and lusted over from Hopeless. When I finally decided to make my purchase with the store credit I had, there was no doubt that I was going to pick these up seeing I didn't manage to the first time round. This time I sized up as I didn't want to have the same complications I had with my Phoebe knickers, and also to ensure that there would be no sneaky quadrabutts making an appearance. I left my measurements for Gaby as well during checkout as my waist measurement is a few inches smaller than the XS. To my delight, these fit perfectly on my hips and waist – they aren't too tight or too loose that the material scrunches up at the sides, and the elastic waistband is fully adjustable. Style wise, I find that the Karen knickers are akin to a pair of high-waisted knickers and fit somewhat like boyshorts on the hips, both of which are my favourite types of undies. Although not pictured, the back of these knickers are almost identical to the front but covers slightly more, which thankfully covers my bum, showing no butt cleavage. I also love the newly upgraded metallic hardware on the newer Hopeless Lingerie styles and I'm glad I purchased these now rather than before. The Karen knickers are basically the most uniquely designed pair of knickers I have ever seen and I don't think I've even seen anything quite similar to it. All in all, I'm absolutely in love with them and with this picture as well. Who knew Photo Booth + deliberate lighting placement + VSCO Cam filter could look so good? Wahey!

Rating: 10/10

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