Maison Close: Villa Bel Ami Tanga Body

Size: Small / Material: Mesh / Purchasable from: Maison Close

A few weeks ago, I found an email sitting in my inbox from Maison Close asking if I would like to collaborate by reviewing a set from their current collection. As a small bust blogger, Maison Close acknowledged that whilst they did not specialise in small bust sizes, a lot of their signature items such as their bralettes and open cage bras worked relatively well on smaller sizes. I eagerly responded saying yes, of course, and after some discussion Maison Close ever so generously agreed on sending me not one, but two sets, with matching stockings to review. This review will feature the first of these pieces: the Villa Bel Ami Tanga body, a basic mesh bodysuit that sets itself apart from the rest with the simple detailing of geometric lines. 

As someone with a disproportionately long torso, my concern with bodysuits is that they usually come up too short on me and is therefore uncomfortable to wear. Maison Close however reassured me that the mesh fabric was incredibly stretchy so I had nothing to worry about. I was sent a size S and to my delight this is the first bodysuit that has fit me perfectly length wise with room to spare. Although not evident in the photo, this actually fits relatively loose on me around the waist and therefore I suspect that an S would be perfect for someone one or two sizes larger than me. I'm also actually quite surprised that the fabric sits flush against my bust when I'm standing up straight, and only wrinkles if and when I bend over. Comfort wise, the material feels silky and soft against the skin. However as this is my first and only bodysuit with a popper closure, it is not something I'm 100% used to yet and I prefer to wear a pair of knickers under for comfort.

Following a few of the fit issues I had, I've matched the Villa Bel Ami bodysuit with my Hopeless Lingerie Stella bralette and Paul Seville laser cut leather belt. With the addition of a belt, the bodysuit now looks fitted on me which I prefer aesthetically; and with an added bra, I don't have to worry about nip slips / my boobs falling out when the fabric wrinkles. I have in fact worn this look out with a mesh turtleneck top for modesty and a black mini skirt. I really love the additional coverage provided by the bodysuit as I usually hate just wearing a statement bra under a mesh top. This is therefore a wonderful versatile piece for layering and outerwear, and has easily made it's way up to one of my favourite pieces in my collection.

Rating: 9/10


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    1. Ah, that's lovely to hear! I love when brands/companies have such good relationships with their customers.