DSTM: Jung

Size: EU 34 / Material: Mesh / Purchasable from: DSTM or Arcane Gallery

DSTM is a Berlin based, EU made, designer label that I have been pining after for as long as I can remember. Their ready-to-wear pieces are other worldly, seemingly designed to compliment their body wear, which is equally fierce and incredibly innovative. As a lover of both clothes and lingerie, it's therefore so significant to me that DSTM encapsulates the essence of incorporating lingerie into individuals' daily outerwear wardrobe and vice versa.

The Jung bra in particular is a piece I've come close to purchasing many times but never did, in trying to garner more self control and to be more responsible with my money. Hence you can imagine my delight when I won the #dressplayful giveaway a few weeks ago hosted by Arcane Gallery, a newly established London boutique with an impeccable curation of lingerie, art and fashion. The winner was ever so kindly allowed to pick a lingerie set from their online selection and without any hesitation I settled on the classic Jung bra and the matching thong, as the briefs were out of stock in my size. Arcane Gallery's customer service was also absolutely wonderful; after corresponding with Mex, it was decided that my parcel would be shipped out just in time to welcome me on the day I moved to London. Indeed, I received my parcel on the designated day, which was sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, in a minimal, smooth, white gift box tied together by a lovely black ribbon and bow.

As my brain and body twin, Laura, had already written a detailed review of the Jung set a while ago, I had quite a good idea of what to expect fit-wise. The bra is made from "aloe vera infused mesh", which to me reads as good ol' mesh whereas the opaque inserts feel like a silkier climacool® fabric used in activewear. Although the overall fit of the bra is perfect, the mesh panels have little stretch to them so getting into the Jung bra requires you to be quite the contortionist. That said, the soft cups do fit me really well in a EU 34, as it gives a relatively rounded shape without compressing my bust too much. Prior to receiving the bra I was also worried about my nipples peeking out from under the inserts as they looked rather wide-set. Thankfully this isn't the case as I've managed to wear Jung under a mesh turtleneck with no nipslips throughout the day. The thong on the other hand is way too loose for my 32" hips so the straps end up riding up, much like an 80's high-cut. This is a bit unfortunate as it's the smallest size, and I only wish that DSTM had provided a size guide online, which would've given me a heads up. The gusset is also unlined, however the silky activewear-esque fabric is comfortable against my skin and more often than not I feel like I'm not wearing any knickers at all, i.e. no nasty wedgies. Hence, this was quite a lovely surprise as I usually hate wearing thongs and I might not have to purchase the Jung briefs after all.

I feel extremely lucky and thankful for Arcane Gallery's giveaway, which has given me a 'taster' of DSTM's world. Therefore, whether it's their ready-to-wear, body wear or accessories, I highly recommend purchasing any DSTM pieces you have lingering on your wishlist as it's bound to be a purchase you won't regret. I know for sure I'll be picking up the Solta crop top next, and the Form bra/body also looks like the perfect wardrobe staple.

Rating: 9.5/10

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