Hopeless Lingerie: Phoebe Knickers

Size: XXS / Material: Bamboo jersey / Purchasable from: Hopeless Lingerie

The Phoebe knickers was the second item I received from Hopeless Lingerie from my first purchase. I was quite apprehensive about how this would fit on my body type, as there were very few customer photos asides from professional model shots, and my friend also remarked that it reminded her of a girdle. Anyway, I thought I'd take a risk with it and was extremely pleased with how it ended up looking on me. They're probably my favourite pair of knickers, however not the most perfect as I do have a few fit problems with it that was unexpected. The XXS was mean to fit a 23 inch waist and 32 inch hip, and it was recommended to size down if between sizes. But between purchasing and receiving these knickers in the post almost two months later, I had gained two extra inches around my hips as a result of squats. Unsurprisingly, they hardly fit over my bum and gives me a wee quadrabutt. It also takes me at least two minutes to carefully squirm and wiggle myself into them, aka not great when you need to pee real bad. My low waist to hip ratio (22 inch waist and 34 inch hip swag ~) also contributes to this as they are now one whole size apart. I am honestly terrified of ripping these but for reasons beyond me they have not managed to tear yet. This really just shows the exceptional quality of craftsmanship by Gaby and her team, and if it wasn't for the fit issue these would be my most worn pair of knickers.

Rating: 10/10

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